About Us. baby and children's clothing line

The Production of David & Noah

Well, it goes a little something like this....David & Noah was born when David and Noah were born! We found that it is very rare to find snazzy looking clothing for boys, which is something we have always known. Now we have twin boys and it's even harder to find things for boys, especially two in the same size. In most cases we have to go to multiple stores. So being the creative geniuses we are, we decided to create our own thing and why not share it with the world? 

The twins are not our first kids but certainly our last. We are now a blended family of ten, eight of them being our children, add us and we have ten. Our family consists of five boys and three girls. We have a lot of fun and share a whole lot of love. So if we have so many kids why name the clothing line David & Noah? Simply put, those busy two were the inspiring factor. We hope you enjoy each item you purchase, we have baby and toddler clothes, and also juniors sizes 6-14/16 . So go on this journey with us in exploring how great we can become!